The client and his campaign

A media buyer from a medium-sized agency wanted to run a YouTube video campaign to advertise a luxurious product from a familiar brand. He ran the campaign in the Google Adwords platform in three different categories that may appeal to his potential customers:

  • Lifestyle
  • Sports
  • Luxurious

Trialing Our Free YouTube Placement Optimization Plan

After running his YouTube ad campaign for 3 days, he discovered that the Lifestyle category had the lowest Cost Per View (CPV).  He learned from his past experience that the CPV on Google Adwords is not stable and can change daily. What’s more, when he increased the budget of the lowest CPV category he would sometimes find that, a few days later, other categories performed much better.. This instability is one of the biggest issue he faced when he always tried to optimize his video ad.

It was also one of the main reasons why, when he heard about the new YouTube Ad Optimization service  of Meaningo, he decided to test it using the free plan. He first downloaded the Google Placement Report for the Lifestyle category and then after a very simple registration he created an optimized campaign on our easy-to-use dashboard. The only details that he had to provide were the following:

Screen Shot Dashboard

Screen Shot Dashboard Create Campaign

  • Campaign name
  • Campaign end date
  • Google Placement Report for his chosen campaign category

Screen Shot Dashboard First Campaign

Improved YouTube Ad Placements

During the first few days of his free trial, he received 4000 targeted links which he used to create new campaigns in the Google Adwords platform (See our guide: How to Create a Targeted Video Campaign in YouTube). When the campaign ended after 3 weeks he discover the following results:

YouTube Ad Optimization Case Study 1

Using our free YouTube Placement Optimization service, he managed to improve his Click-Through-Rate (CTR) by 50%. The 10.5% cost reduction per view resulted in a saving of 373 USD over 100 000 views.

Partnering for Success

Happy with the success of his first campaign, he signed up for our standard plan allowing him to run 10 campaigns for 200 USD per month. He managed to create even more successful advertising campaigns by deleting the bad placements from his initial Google Placement Report before uploading it onto our dashboard. During his first month, his 10 campaigns resulted in approximately 2 000 000 views with a net saving of 5800 USD with our Youtube Placement Optimization service.

Sign up and improve your own YouTube ad campaign.

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