About the client and the campaign:

A media buyer from a large media buying agency was asked to find placements for a YouTube in-stream ad that specifically targets new parents. The key success factor for this task would be to find clips that are only relevant to new parents.

Selecting and growing a list of optimized YouTube placements

The media buyer realized that the placement selection can not be narrowed down this specifically by selecting categories of interest in Google Adwords.  If she would try to select all her placements manually, it would take several hours and even so, she could extract 100 clips at most.

Instead, she decided to hand-pick a few very appropriate clips from YouTube and to use our YouTube Ad Optimization Service to get URLs to several thousands of similar clips. She simply had to create a new campaign in our dashboard. After naming the campaign and setting its end date, she uploaded her list of placement URLs in a plain text file. The very next day she started receiving a daily list of links YouTube clips that were similar to the ones that she submitted.

The results

After 10 days she received 4000 targeted links in her inbox. She used these to create new optimized YouTube ad campaigns in the Google Adwords platform (See our guide: How to create new campaigns in Google Adwords). Another 15 days later she saw an 84% improvement in Click Through Rate (CTR) and a cost saving of 8%.

YouTube Ad Optimization Results

This massive  CTR improvement proved that the clips that our YouTube ad optimization system found were just as relevant to new parents as the ones that were carefully selected by the media buyer. With a clever media buying optimization strategy, YouTube ad campaigns can reach and create excitement among the right audience.

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