What is an in-stream video ad campaign?

In-stream ads are video ads which play before or during another video from a YouTube partner. A user can skip your ads after 5 seconds, but you will only pay for it if they continue watching for 30 seconds or more. A lot of big brands use in-stream ads, which means that viewers associate this kind of ad space with reputable brands.

How to create an in-stream video ad campaign

Step 1: Log into your Google AdWords account

Step 2: Go to the Video Campaign Manager

You can either

  • Click on the All Video Campaigns Tab in the Left Side Bar or
  • Type https://adwords.google.com/video in your browser address bar

Step 3: Create a campaign

Click on the New Video Campaign Button.

Add Video Campaign in Google Adwords

Name your campaign and specify the budget and location.

Select your video.

Click on save and continue.

Specify your maximum cost per view.

Add a targeting group to your campaign and specify the demographics.

Select an interest category  that you think is most relevant to your campaign.

Step 4: Duplicate the campaign

Create another campaign from the Video Campaign Manager page.

Name your new campaign and load the settings from your first campaign by selecting it from the Load Settings drop-down list.

Select a different interest category for this second campaign that you think is second most relevant.

Repeat this step until you have 3-5 campaigns with different interest categories.

Step 5: Select the most effective campaign for further optimization

Allow the campaigns to run for 3 days.

Download the Google Placements Report  of the most successful campaign and use it to create an optimized campaign using our YouTube Ad Optimization Service.

Try optimizing your YouTube Campaign with our free trial plan.


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