Getting 4000 targeted links for YouTube placement optimization is fantastic, but why not more?

There is a very practical reason for this. To add specific placements to your YouTube ad campaign, you have to use the YouTube Video Targeting Tool. Only a subset of YouTube videos are available for direct targeting. There are many parameters at play, but in the end you can only select 3000-5000 placements for this purpose.

This limitation is the main reason why our YouTube Ad Optimization system provides only 4000 links per campaign. Our system is designed to make the most of these 4000 links by selecting the most relevant clips that will add real value to your campaign.

A typical bucket of 4000 links can provide between 50,000-200,000 views depending on the topic, which is usually enough for most campaigns. If your campaign requires higher view volumes we can easily create several buckets for the same campaign without generating duplicated links. Feel free to contact us about your campaign’s specific requirements.

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